Brighthouse Digital Adaptor FAQ

Brighthouse Digital Adaptor FAQ

Confused about the letter you received from Brighthouse about Digital Adaptors (DA)?

We are here to help.

I already have an HD cable box or HD DVR, so do I need to add a DA? – No, your cable box handles the decoding already.

I just bought a new HDTV. Do I still need a DA? – Yes. The signal is scrambled by Brighthouse and needs to be decoded to watch on your TV.

Will my old non-HD TV still work. – Yes, but you still need a DA to decode the cable signal first.

If the DA gives me HD tuning, why have a cable box? – You won’t get a channel guide or higher up channels. It only allows basic and some HD programming much like having a direct cable connection.

How do I hook one up? Give us a call and we are happy to integrate the DA for you. If you want to do it yourself or you have a good ‘cable guy’, its an easy in and out ‘F’ connector on the DA. You will also need to set the TV to channel 3 or 4 and match that setting with the dip switch on the back of the DA. To change channels, use the supplied remote that came with the DA. If the TV is integrated into a universal remote control or home automation system like Crestron, this will require us to add an IR emitter to the DA and reprogram your remote control to with with the new DA.

For the ultimate experience, let us show you the new TiVo. It takes the place of your cable box and gives you the ability to stream movies and TV shows from the Internet, your local network and even you tablet or laptop. The user controls are super simple and you can even have direct access to your favorite channels instantly. Its like having everything you want, all of the time, with the ultimate in convenience.

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