Newer, Smaller, Louder, Slimmer…Better Audio?

Newer, Smaller, Louder, Slimmer…Better Audio?

We are always hearing about the latest, thinnest soundbar or the newest wireless sound system that is so small, it’s nearly invisible!

However does that mean it’s better then everything we’ve listened to before it? Most of us may say yes, however lets take for example a Ford Mustang. The most expensive Ford Mustang ever sold was a 1965 Supercharged Shelby GT350, which sold for $528,000. Now, why is it valued so highly? If we were to compare it to a brand new 2015 Shelby GT 350, it has almost 250 less horsepower, its far older and almost inferior in every way. But yet, it is still more valuable?

The moment you sit behind the wheel it brings back memories of hitting high speeds on country roads, every chase scene from the movies comes to life right before your own eyes, raw excitement and energy in every way is yours for the taking. You reach down and turn the key, the 305 horsepower engine roars to life so loud it scares you, the way it drives, the way it makes you feel, the raw fear and excitement that runs down your spine when you put the pedal to the floor. It’s something that only a classic mustang could achieve, the way it makes you feel, the experience of raw power, fear and excitement.

The same holds true for sound systems today.

Why do we ask for more compact, wireless, slimmer, tiny and hidden sound systems? We can always have the new wireless soundbar and the tiny sub-woofer to go with it, but is that what we really want? How excited do we feel when we listen or watch a movie on these newer, smaller, so called better sound systems? If we really want the 1965 Shelby GT 350 experience in our living room, we need to embrace the raw energy, power and excitement only a true sound setup can bring.

Imagine, tower speakers that roar to life like a classic supercharged V8 with every soundtrack, big and powerful amplifiers scream power like wind in our hair at 150MPH and finally a nostalgic turntable that brings the whole setup to life with so many classic memories of live concerts. Every time we sit in our living room, we should feel the raw excitement and nostalgia, the fear inspiring power and bone chilling excitement that only high-end, HiFi systems can throw at us! Don’t live to buy the latest, buy to live life in the greatest!

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