The Future is Back…

The Future is Back…

Time Machine

26 years ago, Marty and the Doc launched themselves into the future in their DeLorean based time machine.  They arrived on October 21, 2015, which happens to be today!  Back to the Future was an instant hit and remains just as fun to watch now as it was back in the 80’s.

What’s most impressive is how much the movie got right when it came to ‘future’ technologies.

For example, listen to the sound the ‘futuristic’ vehicles made as they moved with an almost silent hum.  This same sound is associated with hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius today.

Remember when Biff paid for his taxi ride with a thumb-print?  We now hail Uber and Lyft drivers with a smart phone or iPad accessed using our thumb print.  And you can pay for your taxi electronically as the receipt is emailed to you.

How about when the Doc tossed his leftover trash into the DeLoreans Mr. Fusion and it was converted into fuel?  Bristol and Bath recently started running busses powered by garbage, old food and sewage.  Experiments are being done right now to convert agricultural waste into a fuel additive.

One of the coolest gadgets was the hoverboard used by Marty to evade Biff and his cronies.  Lexus showed off a working version of a hoverboard in August.

The scene where Marty’s jacket talks to him and dries itself may be a little in the future, but tech clothes today have built in speakers, heaters, USB chargers and portable device wiring.  We could go on and on with the Holomax theater shark.  Remember 3D last year?  Or the camera drones?  TV stations are clamoring to use them now.

Here’s an interesting 3 degrees of separation for you.  Marty was original scripted to climb into a refrigerator in the Nevada desert and during a nuclear test gets propelled into the future.  Director Steven Spielberg was afraid of having children getting stuck in refrigerators so the DeLorean was substituted.  20 years later Spielberg cast Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones who took refuge in a refrigerator in…you guessed it… the Nevada desert to avoid being vaporized in a nuclear blast.  Just yesterday I watched the new trailer for STAR WARS where Harrison Ford returns as Han Solo!  This still gives me goose bumps.   I can’t even believe I used so many of my heroes on the same sentence in 2015, but here we are. The future may be back, but it’s also going to be awesome!  Whoa, this is heavy!

– E Lang

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